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Since our inception, Airpacket has made it our mission not only to stay abreast of the latest technologies, but to remain ahead of them. That necessarily means maintaining a full operational understanding of the full communications technology spectrum – what’s been done, what’s being done, and what’s next. Because it isn’t enough to specialize in only the newest or most fashionable developments: Versatile, fully functional networks and solutions demand smooth interoperation between a wide variety of systems and protocols. We see it as a key part of our role to understand them all, and to work with them well.

Airpacket is ready to assist in development and deployment of a full range of solutions.

What we offer

Our technology offerings are much more that we can list, but our specialties below show our passion


The HetNet is a recipe for 5G prior to the emergence of 5G New Radio. HetNet’s offer Multiple coverage layers, various underlying protocols radio access technologies and transport layers combined. Airpacket can implement all or part of the unifying HetNet solution needed to draw them all together – and deliver a high-performance, purpose-suited solution that performs in perfect alignment with your organization’s needs and performance metrics for LTE, 5G(NR), Wi-Fi, Hybrid Fiber / Wireless Front and Backhaul elements are seamlessly integrated to deliver ripple-free, interruption-free operation for users devices of all types, in all types of environments.


Neutral Host Distributed Antenna Systems are rapidly emerging as an attractive model in situations when multiple carriers, multiple user types, and multiple use cases are likely to converge, and when underlying economics don’t support a proprietary solution provided by a single carrier. Airpacket can expertly deploy effective solutions that satisfy the needs of building or network owners, carriers, and end-users alike – while beating back the usual rising costs of a traditional coax based DAS systems.


LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is currently the most widely deployed and supported mobile access medium – and it’s the protocol that today’s speed-conscious consumers demand most. Airpacket helps clients to rapidly advance their LTE footprint by efficiently deploying upgrades and new installations engineered to perform flawlessly from startup, fulfilling the full measure of stated performance specifications throughout their coverage areas. For the first time in history, building owners municipalities, utilities and small independent local operators have a chance to own and operate their own private LTEs networks, that to newly opened lightly licensed spectrum opportunities


Stable, secure wifi connectivity has transitioned from “nice feature” to “must have” for the vast majority of businesses. Nonetheless, the range of solutions – and solution providers – remains inconsistent at best. Airpacket provides consistent best-of-breed Wi-Fi solutions, engineered precisely to suit their intended environment and use-case, using exclusively carrier / service provider grade solutions to achieve optimal reliability, speed, network efficiency and profitability.


Short or Long, Front or Back, Fiber is king, when it comes to hauling your networks aggregated user traffic and routing it. No matter if its a vertical run on a tower, a fiber plant in your venue, or long trenched and aerial runs around your metro. Fiber plays a critical role in the HetNet


Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Network Peering, Roaming, Interconnection, Routing, Switching, IPV6 Migration or new over the top service offerings


Advanced microwave/millimeter wave solutions offer the next wave in both front, backhaul and even access connectivity, offering cost stellar price to performance ratios while maintaining 99.999% availability. Airpacket’s experience as an early adaptor of advanced p2p and p2mp products round out a portfolio of short, intermediate and long-range solution expertise enabling us to provide cost effective IP transport to interconnect or drain demanding DAS, Small Cell, or video/media centric networks as well as 5G


Users are demanding more and more from their mobile networks, turning to them for an ever-increasing range of data-intensive uses – for work, for entertainment, for security and more. Small cells enable networks to affordably boost capacity, increase coverage, and maintain competitiveness within an increasingly cutthroat market – and Airpacket can handle small-cell deployments quickly and efficiently.


In the United States the 3.5 GHz shared-spectrum band has been seeing deployment since around the 2008 timeframe. While the FCC has been slow to finalize the “new rules” The ecosystem of hardware vendors and SAS providers has grown immeasurably. New solutions will support the next generations of LTE smartphones, privately owned LTE networks and neutral host configurations for carrier off loading and roaming agreements. – Airpacket can design and deploy efficient CBRS solutions that enable building owners or network operators to remain competitive in the all-important connectivity race, enhancing the value and desirability of their facilities or networks.


The significance of the Internet of Things extends far beyond the much-hyped “smart” cars, fridges, and thermostats. Comprehensive environment automation through connected specialty devices is rapidly transitioning from an academic concept to a material reality, with a dramatic impact across a broad range of industries – security, manufacturing, health care, and logistics being among those at the forefront of change. Airpacket can craft purpose-suited IOT networks tailored to the most complex and demanding of applications – and unlock the full business potential of IOT.


Sometimes the job calls for us to draw on specialty products and propriety protocols to meet budget or performance requirements, in some cases a “time to on air” demand. Unlicensed BWA is a strong candidate for disruptive market entry.


Aside from the technology and network architecture types listed, Airpacket offers the thought leadership, survey, design, engineering and collective professional services required to plan, license, source, install, configure, validate and manage all of the fully operational system types mentioned.

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