Our Team: The Power of Knowledge. Multiplied.

Our Team: The Power of Knowledge. Multiplied.

Anybody can claim to be an expert. Not so many can prove it.

At Airpacket, our team backs up our claim of expertise with a documented track record of achievement: Our team members have successfully deployed well over 200 customer Multipoint networks worldwide and countless Point to Point links . Whatever the challenge, chances are that our team members have already solved it.

Who are we? We’re seasoned veterans of the disruptive broadband industry and the cellular carrier space.   We’re experts in outdoor / indoor system integration, RF design, IP Core,  network operation, channel management, supply chain, logistics project and construction management and all passionate about emerging technologies. We are graduates of the leading firms in our fields, with more than 100 years of combined man years experience.

Most importantly, we’re a tightly-knit team of professionals who have been selected not only on the basis of our knowledge, but our proven ability to successfully put that knowledge to work in practice.

At Airpacket, we recognize that the only true measure of our success is your success — and we make it a point to succeed. Every time.