Are you ready to make waves for your organization or municipality?

Let us do the discovery and ground work for you – Simply provide us with your database of assets and will help make it complaint, then bring you opportunities to generate revenue through one of our partnerships.

Monitize your assets and let us do all the work!

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HetNetx Portfolio:

At Airpacket, we’ve got an exciting opportunity for your organization: We can monetize your real estate and pre-qualify your locations for a lease with a telco or service provider. You don’t need to do much, simply engage our team, authorize us to act as your agent and submit locations to us in the forms we provide you.

Step1: Get Forms and Coaching by engaging us

Step 2: Submit Complaint Site Data 

Step 3: Get offers for immediate opportunities, or relax knowing you are in the portfolio and it could print a winning lottery ticket anytime over the next 5 years.

Step 4: Review and Execute offers in a timely fashion 

What to expect:

You don’t need to do much, simply follow the first 4 steps, then as you and your data pass each stage, the appropriate next steps, questions and agreements will be provided.